Coupon Book Fundraising

With thousands of dollars in local savings, our coupon books are one of the most coveted fundraising products organizations all around Victoria every early. For only $25 your supporters will enjoy thousands in savings from local businesses in Victoria ranging from Local eats and tasty treats, local adventures and family activities, and even staycations around the Island. Your supporters are getting real value for supporting you, while supporting local businesses when they use their Coupon Book.

Contact us today, and speak with your personal fundraising expert to find what programs will work best for you and your group!

Frequently asked questions

How much does the coupon book sell for?

The coupon book is sold to your supporters for $25.00.

How much does my organization raise on each sale?

Your organization raises a minimum of 50% on each sale. Once your company hits over 150 sales, your profit margin increases.

Is there a risk to fundraising with Greater Victoria Fundraising?

There is no risk! We have no upfront costs, and no minimum fee's.